With WOAS Academy of Science you have an opportunity to step forward in your career improving your knowledge, your skills, your methods and the quality of your work.
WOAS Academy of Science offers several Master degree courses, several Engineering Certification Programs, and several Cyber Security Certification Programs.


The MSc courses provide an excellent introduction to the world of business process and systems design, consulting, implementation and management. It is particularly relevant both for experienced consultants that wish to gain a broader knowledge and those wishing to increase their level.


Certificate programs are designed to provide intensive background in a narrow area at the graduate level. At approximately half of the units required for a master’s degree, the certificate is designed to be completed in a much shorter period of time. These certificate programs are appropriate for whom wish to update their skills or for those interested in changing their career path.


Organizations are in great need of professionals who are able to address the many cyber security issues that exist today, as well as those yet to be discovered. Certified professionals of these programs possess the skills and knowledge critical to protecting sensitive data and assets from internal and external threats. They are able to analyze security risks and vulnerabilities as well as prevent or mitigate the effects of network attacks.

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