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"The next global power shift will be caused by a massive blight in information security"

To develop the next generation of secure information technologies,
it is becoming increasingly essential for organizations
and institutes to come together in research collaboration.



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There are no upcoming events at this time.
  • 2020 ICS Cyber Security for Oil & Gas

    The 2020 ICS Cyber Security for Oil & Gas will focus on the current state of affairs about the IT security infrastructure in the regional oil and gas companies and what are the ventures carried out by the leaders of these organizations to protect their assets.

  • 2021 CyberSec International Exercise

    Real-time network defense exercise organized by WOAS Cyber Security Defense Center of Excellence with its partners. Our main goal is to test the skills of the Group's members, educate the IT legal experts and pressure the lawyers with complex legal tasks.

  • 2021 ICS Cyber Security for Energy & Services

    The 2018 ICS Cyber Security for Energy & Services WOAS Academy of Science Workshop aims to bring together top industry leaders and internationally acclaimed experts in one prestigious interactive event that will address critical issues and provide solutions in the information security realm today. T...


‘Great event with broad spectrum of delegates and opportunity to network with thought leaders’.

John Smith, Customer Service Manager

‘I attended to know what new cyber attacks are happening across society, to know what to do if one happens to my organisation, to be educated. The event met all my requirements’.

Marcellus W., Intelligence Officer

‘The event was most enlightening and substantially increased my knowledge of the current threats on a business and personal level’.

Stanley P., Test Analyst

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