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Established in 2001, by vote of the direction board and approved by presidential unanimous vote. WOAS Academy of Science specializes in wide areas of knowledge focus on Cyber Security and Future Emerging Technology, offering skill solutions for the top industry, military and governmental institutes.


Systems Engineering
Security Engineering
Network Security

Information Systems Engineering

The design, development and management of large-scale computerized information systems are critical to organizations in the 21st century. The holders of MSc degree in Information Systems Engineering will be able to analyze, develop and implement complex information systems, in distributed and heterogeneous environments, using the best practices and patterns.

This MSc degree in Information Systems Engineering comprises six core modules and two elective module. You will complete your degree with seminars and an original dissertation.

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Information Security Engineering

This course is designed to ensure that each student achieves knowledge of the core, foundational domains of information security, plus allows them elective choices to develop either concentrations in particular domains, or add to the breadth of their expertise by exploring a mixed set of topics beyond the core areas.

This MSc degree in Information Security Engineering comprises six core modules and two elective module. You will complete your degree with seminars and an original dissertation.

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Network Security Engineering

This course will provide you with the necessary skills to enter an expanding and rapidly developing area of the job market. It has been developed in response to the need for personnel equipped with the skills needed to design and deploy advanced security mechanisms within an enterprise-wide computer network infrastructure.

This includes critically analysing an organisation’s security plan, and using ethical hacking tools to test an organisation’s security systems to assess its strengths and vulnerabilities within a controlled environment.

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About WOAS Academy

The knowledge of new technologies and security at the highest level is a relatively new area, which started with the military and space programs in the 1960s. Nowadays, the technology requires a strong demand for training and a worldwide certification is the competitive advantage that any professional desires and larger firms worldwide wish to have on their Resume.

The Institutions seek to integrate in their core, security professionals to monitor their infrastructures and the constant pressure they face.

Training and certification of these professionals is a first-line strategy in some countries of Europe and North America.

  • ‘Through a semester of online teaching experience, the overall experience is excellent,

    with top-notch professors, ready to help me and replying emails fast.‘

    John Smith, Customer Service Manager

  • ‘I attended to know what new cyber attacks are happening across society, to know what

    to do if one happens to my organisation, to be educated. The event met all my requirements’.

    Marcellus W., Intelligence Officer
  • ‘The event was most enlightening and substantially increased my knowledge of the

    current threats on a business and personal level’.

    Stanley P., Test Analyst

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