To develop the next generation of secure information technologies, it is becoming increasingly essential for organizations and institutes to come together in research collaboration. This relationship is critical in aligning corporate and research roadmaps and in ensuring effective commercialization and knowledge transfer.

Becoming a COLLABORATION Member of WOAS Academy of Science provides organizations the access to the broader WOAS membership network, training opportunities, and the chance to share information and opinion with like-minded organizations.

We are proud to say we have, between our Collaboration Members, top companies in key areas, as communications, technology, banking, financial services, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace and defense, automotive or government.


  • Free registration for one employee at the World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit
  • Involvement in Undergraduate projects
  • Participation in Industry Interest Groups
  • Access to the wider WOAS Membership network

Access to further paid research options, including:

  • Contract research
  • Knowledge Transfer Programme
  • Masters or PhD sponsorship
  • Undergraduate fellowship award (may also include summer or gap year placement)
  • PhD or Masters placement at company


Specific collaborative agreements between companies and WOAS Academy of Science are also actively encouraged and will be an integral part of the academy strategy.

WOAS Academy of Science ensures the strictest reliability and confidence.

The costs on the COLLABORATION Member are by budget.

For further information about becoming a WOAS Collaboration Member, please contact us on or submit the below contact form.