2022 ICS Cyber Security for Energy & Services

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The recent years have witnessed an dramatically growth in the field of cyber domain.This increase in cyber activities has also led to increased finance costs and increase of investments in all industry. Cyber-attacks and security incidents in critical infrastructures and industrial control systems are one of our specialty field. But how real are these threats and how effective are we in defending the digital ecosystem against advanced targeted attacks?

Major industries and leading companies in the energy and services sectors have relied heavily in running their businesses using industrial control and SCADA systems. Sadly, these multi-billion dollar industries regarded as critical infrastructures, have been the constant target of cyber-attacks in the recent years.

The 2022 ICS Cyber Security for Energy & Services WOAS Academy of Science Workshop aims to bring together top industry leaders and internationally recognized experts in one prestigious interactive event that will address critical issues and provide solutions in the information security realm today. This interactive platform will be held on 26-27 November 2022 at the beautiful city of Madrid, Spain.


Industry leaders and key decision makers who are involved in managing or directing their organization’s Industrial Control Systems and who are responsible for establishing and maintaining information security policies, practices and procedures.

  • Listen to your counterparts in the industry and the projects they are involved in
  • Understand the real situation of the current threat landscape
  • Evaluate your existing strategies to safeguard your valuable assets within your Industrial Control Systems
  • Understand the latest technologies and emerging technologies to safeguard your Industrial Control System
  • Network with key industry leaders through a vibrant and interactive environment

We welcome your expertise and knowledge in developing a strong program and creating a value adding experience for the industry through your involvement in the Executive Steering Committee and Speaker Panel. If you have any cutting edge technology or a unique case study to share, or even a different perspective to bring on board, we would gladly welcome you to submit a short abstract on the same.

For further enquiries please get in touch with us at events@woas.academy