Cyber Security International Exercise 2022

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Welcome to the Cyber Security International Exercise 2022

Real-time network defense exercise organized by WOAS Cyber Security Defense Center of Excellence with its partners. Our main goal is to test the skills of the Group’s members, educate the IT legal experts and pressure the lawyers with complex legal tasks.

  • Participants from all over the World
  • A unique training and cooperation opportunity
  • Right of admission reserved
  • National and international cooperation, information sharing
  • Teamwork: delegation, dividing and assigning roles, leadership
  • System administration and prevention of attacks
  • Monitoring networks, detecting and responding to attacks
  • Handling cyber incidents
  • Advanced network skills
  • Advanced dashboarding analysis
  • Protocols and procedures
  • Reporting
  • Become a WOAS Platinum Member
  • Get CSCI International Certificate
  • Spend four weeks learning with the most recognized world experts in the IT security area.
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