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WCSIE is a real-time network defense exercise organized by WOAS Cyber Security Defense Center of Excellence with its partners. This event has a game-based approach which means that no organization will play their real-life role and the scenario is fictional.

Things To Know First

Main goal of WCSIE is to test the skills of the Group’s members, educate the legal experts on IT and pressure the lawyers with complex legal tasks. WCSIE is for special members which are invited by WOAS.

With this exercise Group’s members will be able to:

  • System administration and prevention of Cyber threats.
  • Monitoring networks, detecting and responding to threats.
  • Handling Cyber incidents.
  • Teamwork: delegation, dividing and assigning roles, leadership.
  • National and international cooperation. Information sharing.
  • Reporting.
  • Ability to convey the big picture.
  • Crisis communication.
  • Analyze the complex legal issues arising in the context of the conflict.
  • How to communicate between the legal and technical experts.
  • Educate the legal experts about IT.
  • Extends technical experts knowledge about the law.
  • Design, set up and configure the core infrastructure: physical devices, virtualization platform, storage, networking, remote access, traffic recording, VPN routers, user accounts, etc.
  • Design and build the Gamenet and networks.
  • Program the automatic scoring bot and agents.
  • Develop solutions for traffic generation.
  • Set up solutions for monitoring the infrastructures.
  • Global World Wide Network overview.


  • Invitation (Right of admission reserved)
  • Law Enforcement Clearance
  • 3 Weeks of Intensive Training
  • 1 Week of Lab Training
  • 2 Days of Cyber Defense Game

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