Introducing Labs: The best way to practice IT Security.

The frontline of cyber security in virtual or physical labs, join us for the next step in cyber sec worldwide.

Each scenario on WOAS Labs contains complex routed networks of workstations and servers (Win, *nix, BSD…) built after real world corporate networks. Connect to the labs in VPN from any OpenVPN capable OS (Win, *nix, Mac) from wherever you are.

WOAS Lab instantiates a new dedicated and isolated scenario for each new request. It then creates a new VPN tunnel to connect the user point-to-point to the lab network. While you read this, thousands of networks of computers are instantiated uniquely for our students.

Click Start. In few seconds your lab will be deployed on our infrastructure. Once you are done practicing, just like a record cassette you can hit Stop and WOAS will save the state of your lab. You can then resume from where you left off. Even days later!

WOAS Lab is built for heavy usage. We know you are going to crash machines, drop tables and rm -f more often than not. That’s why you can always re-start your lab fresh with a simple Reset button. You will never affect others on the platform. So feel free to try any tool in your arsenal. WOAS Labs is built for this.